Sold Out

The liberals like to call themselves “progressives” as if they were bringing “progress” to our nation. Have they brought progress or decadence (as in decay of a culture) to our country? Have they brought progress or destruction- destruction of our sovereignty, destruction of our economy, destruction of the moral perpitude of our people, destruction of our financial solvency, destruction of our military and our ability to defend ourselves? Looking back you would hardly think these people were on our side. Maybe they’re not working for the communists but if Khrushchev could have done what he wanted with America back in the fifties this is where we would be today.

Common sense tells us certain things, but it seems like the liberals always fly in the face of common sense and try to get the majority to agree with them. One example is the wall on the border to stop illegal immigration. The liberals had a fit when we wanted one- called Pat Buchanan a crazy fascist for suggesting that a wall would work. Well- we finally did put up a wall on the border by Nogales, Arizona- and guess what? Lo and behold the illegal immigration in Nogales has almost disappeared! The truth is, the liberals do not believe in borders, many of them just want people to go where they want- they do not believe in the sovereignty of our country.

But let’s look at our economy. When you open a business you don’t want just some business, generally speaking, if you are a good entrepreneur you want all the business you can get. If a neighboring business has better products or prices you strive to match them. You strive to balance your books and pay your bills so you can stay in business. Do you think the liberals want America to stay in business? For fifty years they have treated the engine of our economy (the industrialists) as if they were the enemy. According to them the industrialists were rich and didn’t care for our “environment” so they had to be destroyed. They didn’t care if business went over seas because the government regulations, taxes, and minimum wage requirements they wanted sent them there. They just wanted “clean” jobs. Is that how you would run your business- not caring if business went away? They replaced those jobs with government jobs and government dependency that the government cannot pay for. 

The debt clock is ticking- we’re approaching SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, WE BORROW FORTY CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR WE SPEND. Even China has stopped lending to us because they don’t trust our ability to pay.  Ben Bernanke is essentially printing money to keep the interest rates down. How long can he do that and what will happen to the solvency of our nation when the interest on this voluminous debt goes up? If we are attacked can we afford to go to war? When we entered World War II we issued war bonds and were able to pay. Our country has already had its bond rating lowered- how would we assume that additional debt?

 We have trained our children and their parents to be government dependent. If you have a natural disaster of any kind – you think YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY HAVE HELP FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!! How in the world did the country survive for 200 years without FEMA? People now think they can’t make a dish of cereal or a sandwich for their children when they go to school. They can’t handle family crisis without a school counselor. They need advice from the school on how to raise their children!! They need daycare and preschool from the Federal Government.

 The road back to independence is going to be a long and hard one. People will once again have to learn to take care of themselves and solve their own problems. Cities, counties, school districts and states will once again have to pay their own bills and solve their own problems. Many people will be put out of work- non-profits that work on grants, contractors, government jobs that depend on grants at all levels of government, and federal employees. We will have to gain back the jobs we have lost in the private sector and get America back to work by once again having the Federal Government shepherd a strong economy instead of destroying it.

 Liberals or “progressives” as they like to call themselves, have SOLD US OUT. They lied and said we could all live in a fantasy world where the government took care of everything. We could strangle manufacturing and industry of all kinds and everything would be just fine. NOTHING in this country is just fine- but I believe in the American people. They will wake up from this manipulation they have been living under and fight their way back. America will survive- but a lot of people will suffer because of what the “progressives” have done to us for the last 50 years

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