School Choice

 To the Members of the Senate Education Committee, 

I urge you to support the choice bill.  My long experience as a teacher/coach/administrator in public schools gives me a view of conditions which give rise to a cause for alarm.  Schools have changed.  Teachers must now toe the line with bureaucratic work conditions, parents are becoming concerned with what is being taught in the curriculum.  In my experience as State Superintendent of Public Instruction and later as Director of the Recognition Division, which included the performance based blue ribbon schools of excellence presidential award competition, for the US Secretary of Education has provided unique insights.  I believe we must introduce competition into our system of public schools.  I know our current system is locked into standards, regulations, directives, and red tape from a variety of competing interest groups.  We've gotten away from our primary concern, children.  Competition would help capture some of our brightest and able prospective teacher candidates, many who now choose other career options after finding how their freedom to teach is restricted within our complex school system  I urge you to vote for SB374.   

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Reasons to support School Choice #schoolchoice #mtleg
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