When the IRS awards performance bonuses, the report states, the IRS doesn’t distinguish between an employee who is unimpeachable and one who has been cited for misconduct. Come again, you ask? You heard right. Cash bonuses, time off awards and other perks are awarded by the IRS. But the report says that IRS employees with misconduct and other faults still get the bonuses and other perks. This is hardly an isolated problem. The report reveals that the IRS brass handing out the awards simply did not consider employee misconduct.  Read More of what your tax dollars support

IRS Wasting Millions on Unused Blackberrys and Aircards

The Internal Revenue Service is wasting millions of dollars on technology that agency employees don’t use, according to an internal audit of government waste.

Out of the $11.4 million that the IRS spent on BlackBerrys and Internet aircards in fiscal year 2011, $1.1 million worth of the devices went unused for three months to a year, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

That means that nearly 14,000 aircards and more than 750 BlackBerrys weren’t activated for a chunk of the year. Sixty-eight BlackBerrys weren’t used at all, while still incurring the costs of a monthly cellphone plan.  Read More


The IRS paid out $3.6 billion in fraudulent tax refunds last year.

In total, the agency failed to prevent 1.1 million potentially fraudulent tax returns for 2011 from being processed, according to an audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. That includes 5,500 fraudulent returns filed by a single tax preparer -- for a refund of nearly $27 million -- and a payout of $490,000 to an address in Bulgaria that was listed on more than 700 tax returns.  Read More

* The IRS has also reduced the number of days it takes to resolve identity theft cases from 312 days to about 120 days. 


IRS draws new criticism over $70M employee bonuses 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Already reeling from a pair of scandals, the Internal Revenue Service is drawing new criticism over plans to hand out millions of dollars in employee bonuses.

The Obama administration has ordered agencies to cancel discretionary bonuses because of automatic spending cuts, but the IRS says it's merely following legal obligations under a union contract.

The agency is about to pay $70 million in employee bonuses, said Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over the IRS.  Read More


Oh, the irony! IRS agents beg out of Obamacare

Even though they’ll be charged with enforcing its mandates, employees of the  Internal Revenue Service are petitioning Congress to be exempted from Obamacare.  Read more 



IRS Produced "Star Trek" Parody


   spock.png "Back in Russia, I dreamed someday I'd be rich and famous," says one crew member in the parody. "Me too," agrees another.      "That's why I became a public servant."

   The crew member playing Spock is IRS Deputy Commissioner Faris Fink.

   Fink was promoted to commissioner in 2011, and received a "performance" bonus during that time.




IRS Produced "Dancing" Video The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) turned over a bizarre video of its employees learning how  to dance to the House Ways and Means Committee, which is investigating the  agency’s improper targeting of conservative nonprofit groups between 2010 and  2012.

June 6, 2013
Collected and Wasted: The IRS Spending Culture and Conference Abuses   

Full Committee Hearing, Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA)

June 2, 2013 Issa Says Washington Directed IRS Targeting Out of Cincinnati
WASHINGTON - The IRS agents in Cincinnati who were involved in the targeting of conservative groups were "being directly ordered from Washington," Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said today, and he accused the White House of lying about the involvement of IRS headquarter officials in the scandal

June 2, 2013 IRS targeted donors to GOP group too  Wall Street Journal
In addition to targeting conservative-leaning nonprofit groups, in at least one case the Internal Revenue Service took the extra step of targeting a group’s donors as well, the Wall Street Journal reports

May 31, 2013 New IG report details ‘excessive spending’ on IRS conferences.
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday to discuss the audit with officials from the Treasury Department’s inspector general’s office, which earlier this month confirmed accusations that the IRS had inappropriately targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Democratic Montana Senator Max Baucus is leading an investigation into why the  Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative nonprofit groups for extra  scrutiny despite the fact that Baucus once wrote a letter urging the IRS to do exactly that. Read More . . .

May 31, 2013 Did The IRS Promote Anti-Tea Party Bully?  Say Anthing Blog
One of the narratives the Obama administration has developed to spin the IRS scandal is one in which the targeting of conservatives was an activity not sanctioned officially at the IRS and carried out by a few rogue employees. Undermining that narrative is, among other things, the fact that one of the IRS employees involved in bullying conservative groups was apparently promoted:


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